Origin. Where friction occurs

21.06.2024 – 07.09.2024

Ximena Ferrero, Simón Sepúlveda, Pablo Bellot


Origin. Where friction occurs” It is a collective exhibition that develops a project at Jorge López Galería where three artists are invited, Ximena Ferrero (Lima 1994, resides in Berlin), Simón Sepúlveda (Santiago de Chile 1989, resides in Madrid) and Pablo Bellot (Alicante 1976), to break the aesthetic lines that usually make up the programming of this room. This change generates friction and confrontations with the misunderstood and the unknown. When language reaches its limits, the relationship with it is exposed to new forms.

In this way the public can find unrecognizable records compared to what is customary in this gallery's programming. A programmed space, where logic is broken and confusion, a change of energy, friction occurs

Origin. Where friction occurs” addresses issues of identity, migration, inequality and the creative potential of conflict. This exhibition project arises from collaboration with artists and seeks to generate effects that are contingent and unpredictable.

Ximena: Reflection through reflection.

He builds his work from stories and memories, whether real or invented. His paintings are sensitive and energetic scenes in which the characters look directly into the eyes of the viewer. Alternating attention through synthetic paint, she compares and adjusts expressions until they appear the same, creating a connection with herself through the appearance of a girl. Ximena mixes autofiction, visceral sincerity and the exaggerated dramaturgy of soap operas to capture scenes on canvas, choosing vibrant colors that reaffirm their existence.

Simón Sepúlveda: The social observer

He configures his work as an observer, capturing human expression through different scenes of protest, parties or everyday relationships. His paintings break the logic of perspective, representing a space where we all intersect and are intervened by others. His works, bright and colorful, reflect his particular sensory perception and his relationship with people and the environment.

In his work he addresses political, social and territorial milestones through domestic objects, combining ancestral and contemporary practices, digital and pre-Columbian codes, as well as elements of daily life.

Pablo Bellot: The materialization of sound and the inability to communicate

It presents a series of works where ceramics and sound amalgamate, capturing the precise moment of a scream. His ceramics materialize sound and make the immaterial visible, manifesting the impossibility of communication for the contemporary individual.

Abstraction in his work is not an evasion, but rather a confrontation with the unknown. Their ceramics make sound visible while drowning it out, creating a tension between communication and its impossibility.

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